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At a full council meeting last night, Tetbury Town Council agreed to support a petition organised by Tetbury Chamber of Commerce opposing the 30% parking charges due to take effect on 1 September. The overwhelming majority of councillors (13 vs 1) agreed to support the campaign to delay the increase in parking charges.

During the meeting, concerns were raised by a number of Tetbury Councillors about the lack of support shown towards their high street by Cotswold District Council (CDC) as Tetbury’s retail businesses try to recover from months of lockdown and concerns about a possible second wave of COVID-19 in the autumn.

It was also agreed that Tetbury Town Council would write to CDC expressing the town council’s objection to this increase at such a crucial moment in the town’s economic recovery. The petition will now be shared on the council’s website and social media pages.

Parking charges in council-owned car parks across the Cotswolds will increase by 30% on 1 September. At a recent Cotswold District Council meeting, a proposal to defer the increases for four months (until after Christmas) was lost by a single vote 16 to 17 with all 17 present Liberal Democrats voting against the delay, with all other councillors voting to support it.

Town Mayor Anne Pearce said,

“Tetbury Town Council are pleased to support our Chamber of Commerce in its attempt to petition CDC to get this decision reversed. It is important that we do all we can to support local businesses as they get back on their feet post lockdown.”

Cllr Richard Norris, Tetbury with Upton District Councillor said,

“The way Tetbury town council voted last night reinforces the position I recently took to CDC full council and I fully support the petition. Local knowledge and understanding of the Tetbury area are key but unfortunately, this has meant very little and concerns of residents and business owners have been ignored.

“I find it hard to understand at this difficult time when the government, other local authorities, charities, organisations and volunteers are committing both financially and voluntary to support the recovery.

“CDC has financial reserves of over £33 million yet choose not to join the rest of the country to support our own business owners and residents’ jobs! Every penny spent in our high street has a positive economic impact. By encouraging more people to shop locally, we help to keep more money in our local communities and support local jobs, and I hope the Councils administration will take note of this petition.”

If you would like to sign the petition, you can do so by visiting the Tetbury Chamber of Commerce website,

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