Last night the Conservative group voted against the budget for Cotswold District Council 2020-21.

This budget will see your district council tax rise 3.88%, car parking charges increase by almost 30% and green bin licence fees increasing by £5 (despite cutting the number of green bin collections in half).

It's important to understand, Cotswold District Council has a net budget requirement of only £12.5 million.

When the Lib Dem's inherited the council in May 2019, they inherited

  • cash reserves of £13.2 million,
  • property investments of £7.5 million
  • financial market investments of £12.5 million
  • 11th lowest district council tax in the country (out of 380)
  • The council was totally debt free.

The new Lib Dem administration have laid out a massive tax and spend agenda. Last night they gave themselves permission to spend the councils reserves and borrow an additional £30 million for speculative investments in land, property and social housing.

The Lib Dem plans are totally disproportionate when compared with the size of the council (net budget requirement of only £12.5 million).

Given the current financial position of the council, the large amount of reserves we have and the increased level of support we are receiving from central government, we don't feel the actions of the new administration are prudent, necessary, or in the interests of the vast majority of our residents.

The increase in your district council tax, parking and green bin licence fees is not because CDC needs the extra funding, its a purely political decision made by the new Lib Dem administration.

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