Conservative Councillor Julia Judd brought a motion to the February Council Meeting, to propose the first ever District Climate Award scheme. The motion was seconded by Councillor Andrew MacLean of the Green Party.

In July 2019 a Council declared a Climate Emergency ‘that requires urgent and comprehensive action’.

Part of that declaration was a proposal to establish a Climate Change Panel, involving Councillors, residents, young citizens, climate science and solutions experts, businesses and other relevant parties, to help shape and promote the District’s zero carbon strategy and also recommend ways to maximise local benefits of these actions in other sectors such as employment, health, agriculture, transport and the economy. 

Cllr Judd says “I am delighted that this motion to have presented this motion to council. This scheme will help to kick-start the Climate Change Panel and formalize its objectives.”

Cllr Andrew MacLean agrees, “ I am really excited to support the Climate Change Action Awards scheme as giving positive recognition to the innovative actions of individuals, businesses, supply chains, group practices is exactly what we need to be doing in encouraging others to follow their good example.  And in highlighting the effort of young people in particular, CDC would be recognising both their seminal impact in getting us older citizens to change our behaviours, and the crucial role they will continue to play in taking carbon out of the environment whilst adapting to new climate realities.”

The awards will highlight leadership in addressing climate change by reducing carbon pollution and inspiring new initiatives. Suggested award categories include: Individual Leadership, a Youth Award, Group Leadership, Commercial Award and Supply Chain Leadership Award.

Cllr Judd is very keen that Council resolves to establish a cross-party action group for the benefit of the wider community. ‘Engagement from all councillors with businesses, groups, peers and partners will motivate, enhance and accelerate our ambitions to address Climate Change in the Cotswolds.”

The Conservative Party have a fantastic track record of addressing Climate Change. According to the National Grid, During spring 2020, Britain saw its longest run of generating electricity without using coal since the Industrial Revolution, stretching almost 68 days (1,630 hours) between 10 April and 16 June. 2020 was the greenest year on record for Britain with highest recorded levels of wind generation and solar power.

Cllr Judd continues “Power generation is only part of the problem. We must continue to make progress in other areas and set an example. By celebrating our Cotswold Climate Change Heroes, we can motivate and inspire our communities to rise to the enormous challenges we face.”

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