In a vindictive, political move, Cllr Mark Annett has been disqualified by the LibDem administration because he did not attend the September 2021 Council meeting, because he had Covid.

Cllr Tony Berry, leader of the Cotswold Conservatives Group says: ‘This is a new low for this administration, none of the usual protocols have been followed. Mark has been a public servant for 22 years and has held several prominent roles.


He was on holiday for the July Council meeting and missed the September Council meeting because he had Covid-19 (he has provided proof), and he would have attended the November meeting if the LibDems hadn’t cancelled it so that they could have a Christmas Party!


Cllr Annett would not have been expected to attend any of the Cabinet or portfolio meetings, as he is not on any committee.  Furthermore, important meetings are streamed and recorded on-line, it wouldn’t make sense to travel from Chipping Campden to Cirencester to attend meetings where he has no influence and can catch up on-line.


Cllr Berry adds ‘This is dirty politics, a nasty move that lowers the moral tone of the Council. Mark has been both Chairman and Mayor of Campden Council, and Chairman and Leader of Cotswold District Council until he resigned owing to ill-health in 2018. He was given no verbal or written warning, which would have been usual. What sort of reward is that for someone who has served his community so well for so long?’.

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