Gloucestershire Conservatives are delighted that Tom Stowe won the bi-election in the Campden and Vale Ward by-election on Thursday the 3rd February.

Tom was brought-up in Mickleton, where he lives with his wife, Rachel, their three sons and two dogs. He is managing director of the family business, Vale Press, in Willersey.  He has played football for Campden Town FC and organises coaching for 320 young players locally.  He is very keen to ensure that local facilities and opportunities are improved for young people - from housing, jobs; sports and recreation and the arts.

He is a qualified Rugby Union referee and has been nominated as "RFU Volunteer of the Year" three years running and is now Managing Director of the family business, Vale Press in Willersey, employing nearly 50 people.

Tom is also planning ways to encourage more local diversity of wildlife to support the local ecology and help combat climate change, for the community and future generations – including planting trees and hedgerows; creating a wildflower-meadow and renovating a pond.

In his downtime Tom runs cross-country over the Cotswold hills and occasionally has time to relax by cooking; brewing his own beer and watching classic Ealing comedy films.

Tony Berry, the Conservative Councillors Leader says:

‘We are all thrilled with this resounding result. This by-election was unnecessary and has cost Council Tax payers over £10,000.  Cllr Mark Annett was cruelly expelled because he couldn’t attend the full Council meeting in September because he had Covid. This marks a new low in the Liberal Democrat administration’s record. Mark would have fulfilled the six-month rule if Cllr Joe Harris and the Liberal Democrat Group hadn’t postponed the November Council meeting to 15 December “so that a Christmas social/meal for Councillors and senior Officers can take place." It was a trick that has back-fired.  The electorate did not fall for the dirty tricks and negative Liberal Democrat campaign.’

Tom says:  “As I promised, I’m getting to work straight away.   I'm really keen to be a strong voice - to lobby for activities for our young people; for good housing for locals; high-quality local services, better infrastructure and value-for-money for taxpayers and representing the people of Chipping Campden and Vale Ward and working alongside our other superb ward councillor, Cllr Gina Blomefield.’

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