Residents across the Cotswolds have complained that large groups of people descending into our small rural communities often cause excessive noise and disruption, and have felt powerless to take any action against these anti-social short term visitors.

The Conservative group on Cotswold District council is bringing forward a motion at today's full council meeting which could change the way large group bookings are regulated on Airbnb in the Cotswolds.

At present, large groups of people can rent properties on a short-term holiday let basis in numerous Airbnb properties across the Cotswolds. Some of these properties can be situated in the heart of quiet rural communities and they can attract large groups of people seeking a holiday experience where they can relax and have fun.

This afternoon, the Conservative group at CDC will suggest a motion which seeks to change local planning rules and licence conditions to ensure that large short-term holiday lets (8 people or more) are regulated and controlled, and the impacts on existing neighbouring properties are no worse than that which would apply to a domestic dwelling or holiday let.

The motion is being put forward by Cllr Tony Berry (Conservative - Kemble Ward), says “I have been contacted numerous times by residents who are being impacted by large groups of people who come into the community and cause a significant amount of short-term disruption.

“We are not trying to stop people from having fun and enjoying themselves. My motion is intended to try to help manage the conflict between large groups of people who come to the Cotswolds with a large amount of excitement and holiday spirit, and existing residents who may be working from home or have young children in school.”

“I would like to thank the Lib Dem administration for indicating that they will support this motion, and in particular, Clive Webster (Lib Dem – Moreton) for agreeing to second my motion meaning it has cross-party support and every chance of becoming official Council policy.”

The motion will be debated at this afternoon’s full council meeting.

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